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Doll dressed in blue and more nursery rhymes for your kids. Have a fun afternoon singing and dancing with the Telerin Family. ¡Subscribe to Cleo & Cuq...

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Doll dressed in blue and more nursery rhymes for your kids. Have a fun afternoon singing and dancing with the Telerin Family.

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I have a little doll dressed in blue
With her pretty shirt and her small white shoes

I took her for a walk and she caught a chill
She’s tucked up in bed ’cos she’s feeling ill

Early this morning the doctor said to me
Give her some syrup and then count to three

I took her up to bed and she smiled at me
I told her a story and she fell asleep

Two plus two is four, four plus two is six
Six plus two is eight, plus eight makes sixteen

Plus eight twenty four, plus eight thirty two
These are the numbers that I’ve added up for you

I know how to add and to multiply
I’ve done all my homework, now it’s time to play

My donkey:
I'm like a teacup:
Who took the cookie from the cookie jar:

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Welcome to the official Youtube Channel of Cleo & Cuquin - Family Telerin. Explore the channel with the best nursery rhymes and episodes of Cleo and Cuquin to enjoy with the whole family.
""La Familia Telerin"" is an animated series that had its big breakthrough in the 70s with their famous song ""Vamos a la cama"" in Spain, Mexico and Latin America. Now the beloved characters are back as an animated series in 3D.

Cleo and Cuquin is an animated cartoon that tells the adventures of Family Telerin. What the five siblings like to do most in the world is to play. Every day they start a new adventure and solve problems playing to be gardeners, journalists, captains,... At the end of every adventure Cleo is happy, because she finally knows what she wants to be, when she grows up. At least for now!
Join the adventures of Family Telerin and learn new things every day!

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Musical adaptation: Agustín Mejías, Alejandro Mejías y Marcos Mejías
Adaptation of the song lyrics: Agustín Mejías, Alejandro Mejías y Marcos Mejías

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