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Twist In Love (2020) New Realised Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Naga Chetanya,Pooja Hegde |

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Watch & Enjoy #Twist_In_Love_Hindi_Dubbed_Movie Presenting Twist In Love (2020)New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie . Enjoy this latest and super hit ...

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Watch & Enjoy #Twist_In_Love_Hindi_Dubbed_Movie

Presenting Twist In Love (2020)New Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie . Enjoy this latest and super hit Telugu new Movie dubbed in hindi. Watch this romantic drama film with Family. Have a fun by watching South (Sauth) Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie 2020 New (New Hindi Movies 2020, New South Movie 2020, New Movies 2020).

Karthik is a rich post graduate from ISB who completes his studies and comes back to India after a world tour. One day, he spots Nandana and falls head over heels for her. However Nandana develops hatred for Karthik . When Karthik proposes to her, she rejects him point blank. Karthik's marriage was arranged with Nandana but unfortunately, he does not know this. The bride accidentally turns out to be Nandana. Karthik's maternal uncle Pandu returns from Dubai and because of his hatred towards Karthik, he plans to take revenge by jeopardizing his match when he finds out that Karthik actually loves Nandana, but Karthik finds out the truth and accepts to marry her. She is not interested in this marriage but she does not want to oppose her father due to her love for him . When she tries to reject the marriage, both their parents complete the procedures and they are pronounced engaged.

Karthik has been writing a book titled Oka Laila Kosam which is a collection of his experiences with Nandana. Meanwhile, Karthik meets his friend at a pub and comes to know that she is being blackmailed by a goon regarding their private moments. Karthik fights the goons with his friends and solves the issues. Nandana is unable to get convinced that Karthik's love is sincere and believes that he is a staunch flirt. The book Oka Laila Kosam gets published and Karthik is paid an amount of ₹25,000. As a part of his attempts to impress her, Karthik gets a star named as Nandana by acquiring a star certificate from International Star Registry with the money he earned. Though initially happy, she still is unable to believe him and tears the certificate into pieces. But she is unable to reject Karthik as she can't let her father disappointed by doing so. That night Karthik was drunken . he was confronted by the same goon and a fight happens in which the goon is attacked brutally.

On the day of marriage, at the venue, the police arrive and arrest Karthik for murdering the goon. Thus the marriage is halted much to the delight of Nandana. Before leaving, Karthik asks her whether she is happy now at least and leaves with a smile. This puzzles Nandana and it is known later that the case and arrest were fake and were planned by Karthik himself with the help of a rich business man whose daughter's successful love affair had Karthik as the peace maker. Nandana meanwhile receives the book Oka Laila Kosam from Shahrukh who credits its writer as the owner of the pigeons she has. She reads the book which is her story and learns Karthik' sincerity from the words in the book. She meets Karthik and proposes to him before their respective families and they both unite.

Directed by: Vijay Kumar Konda
Written by: Vijay Kumar Konda
Starring: Naga Chaitanya ,Pooja Hegde
Music by: Anup Rubens
Cinematography:I. Andrew

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