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WestPsyde's Adventures | GoPro Compilation Edit 2020 - Hero 8

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#Hero8 #GoPro #Compilation Trying to stay Creative during "The Rona" hope you all are staying healthy and washin them hands! i love you all ...

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#Hero8 #GoPro #Compilation

Trying to stay Creative during "The Rona" hope you all are staying healthy and washin them hands! i love you all and its a pleasure to create videos for you guys! Much love WestPsyde Out!

Music : World On Fire - Pronouncedyea

Cinematic B-Roll and Flight Edits compiled together for a semi-psychedelic experience brought to you by yours truly. I love telling stories through my edits. hope you enjoy!!! don't forget to hit that like button, leave a comment!!!! and turn notifications on if you wanna stay in the loop of whats happening here on the channel of WESTPSYDE FPV
Thank you for watching!!!

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